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Tiny House Build Details

This post is going to go over some of the details and options we wanted in our tiny house and our final decisions (so far) on the build.

I'll just start with a point form list and I'll break it down below

Tiny House Details:


  1. 24' long and almost max width/max height (8'5x13'4)

  2. x2 7000lb axles for the trailer with full brakes, LED lighting, 8 bolt rims, 4-corner jacks, and removable tongue.

  3. Roof is split pitch with the rear being 2:12 and the front 7:12

  4. Exterior utility room on trailer tongue

  5. Cedar siding

  6. Metal roof


  1. ~250sqft

  2. One Loft

  3. 8 windows, 2 skylights, 1 single pane glass door

  4. Vinyl flooring

  5. Concrete counter tops

  6. U-shaped couch in the living room with tons of storage

  7. Shiplap walls

  8. Loft staircase with built in storage

Utilities & Appliances

  1. Wood fireplace

  2. Propane cooktop

  3. 30" French door fridge

  4. Propane on-demand hot water heater

  5. Compact HRV system

  6. Composting toilet

  7. All-in-one Washer/Dryer

  8. Water pump and pressure tank

I'm sure I forgot a few things but this is the majority of them! Some of this list has yet to be purchased so some minor tweaks could still be made before the finished product.

I'll go ahead and break down the list with a bit more detail..

The Trailer:

We went with a 24' custom made trailer by Action Trailers in southern Ontario. It wasn't cheap, but its came with all the bells and whistles allowing a worry free future with this tiny house. The build quality actually suprised me and some of the features are a no-brainer.. take the removable tongue, It's one added layer between you and someone driving off with your house. Other options like the 4-corner jacks are becoming more popular in the tiny house world make it a breeze to level your house. 8-bolt rims and grease nipples everywhere.. I could go on but the point is that for $6500.00 I believe we got our money's worth.

The Roof:

We decided on a split pitch roof with a 2:12 above the loft area and a 7:12 for the living/kitchen area. I personally like the aesthetics of this style as it makes it look more like a home and less like a box.. We decided on a metal roof, but for now we are waiting on quotes before we jump on a style we like.

The Siding:

Probable one of the last things we'll do as I'd like to wait for the spring (nice weather) to do it. Both Kaycee and I like the look of beveled cedar but we're thinking a dark paint like black or and ash would look great with white trim theme.

Utility Room:

I've just about finished framing it but it'll sit on the tongue and store our electrical panel, hot water heater, pump, pressure tank, some misc. tools and whatever else I can fit.


We just wrapped up on the exterior so the interior is next on our list. As of now its bare bones..

I'll be putting the windows in this week and after that the interior will really take shape, I'll be sure to keep the updates coming as we progress.

Utilities & Appliances:

Pretty well the same situation as the interior, nothing has been ordered yet so I just have a list of "wants" basically.. The interior finishing will be a big part of this blog and I'll be sure to document the whole thing, as for right now it's just time and work required! When we do start to order the appliances I'll be making a post for each explaining why we chose it and maybe some how-to's on installation.

To stay up to date be sure to follow us on social media and if you have any questions be sure to send us an e-mail at

It's currently 11 in the morning on a Thursday so I should get back to work lol, until next time!

Best Regards,


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