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Then, Now, Going Forward

We offically started our build on September 23/2017.

Let's rewind, back to August 2017

Kaycee and I were standing beside a 24' custom made trailer in Strathroy, Ontario at Action Trailers. We asked the sales rep if we could talk about our decision in private and he gladly stepped away leaving just the two of us with our thoughts.

We had just driven 4 hours after a cold call, asking if they would be able to have a trailer manufactured.. They just so happen to have one 24' on the lot. We both stood there and discussed the next step, as the whole idea of a tiny house had only been on our mind for a few months. We had a rough idea what we wanted but standing in front of a 6 and a half thousand dollar trailer really gets your mind racing. Looking back I don't think it was a discussion on whether we wanted it, but about what to we do with it.

24' Tiny House Trailer form Action Trailers

That was then.. Where are we now?

We arranged pickup for a few weeks after, September 9th I believe.

This gave us a little time to plan for the steps leading up to the undertaking of building our tiny house. No small feat, considering snow was about 3 months away or less in Central Ontario.

We quickly got to work finalizing our design on SketchUp and making material lists for the lumber store.

The lumber arrived on September 23, 2017 and I immediately began constructing the subfloor. I knew it was going to take a little while considering the method we chose, but I'll touch more on that in a seperate post.

After the subfloor was in, the walls started to go up. I built them in smaller sections knowing it was going to be solely me lifting them into place

If I remember correctly the walls were up within a week and then it was on to the roof, SketchUp made this whole process much easier and to my surprise everything lined up exactly as it was suppose to with minimal waste after all the framing was done.

Without making this post too long I'll leave you with a final photo skipping some of the progress for now. I'll make a few separate posts covering specific parts of the construction in much more detail but for now you can follow us on Instagram @aktinyadventures to stay up to date.

Hope you enjoyed!

Best Regards,


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